Effie Awards Category Context

Australia has established strong brand imagery, but we weren't top-of-mind and were failing to convert desire to intent & visitation, even as U.S. out-of-region travel grew.

By redirecting efforts to hijacking a major American cultural moment, with a strategic media roll-out turning hype for a Hollywood reboot into a prolific tourism campaign, a small country was able to break through in a big market all while building an enormous qualified audience pool to re-message down the line, at a rate 4x faster than ever.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

When it came to getting Americans to travel to Australia, Tourism Australia (TA) had a problem. With Europe and the Caribbean so close to the U.S., TAs traditional campaigns promoting Australia's wine and beaches weren't presenting a compelling enough argument to counter the extra 10 hours on a plane. Add to that the fact were outspent in the U.S. travel industry that spends over $5.6B a year, we simply needed to change.1