Effie Awards Category Context

Honey Baked Ham is a must-stop shop for many at the holidays. But getting younger consumers in the door was challenging – the more traditional image of HoneyBaked didn't fully connect with the modern host mindset, and traditional retail channels weren't breaking through. We created a more modern and approachable tone for the brand through the "KellyBaked" campaign, positioning a Honey Baked Ham as the traditional perfect centerpiece they want, with the convenience they need. We told our story in TV and engaged modern hosts via social, driving increased sales and getting younger consumers in the door.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

A Traditional Brand

The Honey Baked Ham Company is an iconic, 60+ year-old brand that leads its specialty niche. But holiday sales had been flat for nearly 5 years. The company focused heavily on repeat business from its existing customers, and was known primarily for bone-in hams, a category declining in popularity among younger consumers.