Effie Awards Category Context

Getting teens and young adults to reconsider Pop-Tarts was a challenge: not only did they feel like they'd outgrown us, they were often not the household grocery shopper. Getting acceptance within the Mass and Convenience channels was essential to success. To gain critical display outside of grocery, Pop-Tarts needed to customize the national offer to align with retailer and shopper priorities. Target, Walmart, and Convenience accounts each had exclusive, highly coveted offers that created a treasure hunt for die-hard fans. In fact, Target's bonus offer was so highly prized, the codes were being sold on eBay for$60.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

Pop-Tarts faced a decline in household penetration that negatively impacted sales as core consumers aged out of the brand and moved on to other snacks and treats as they entered their teens. To stem these declines, Pop-Tarts turned its focus toward a new target: teens and young adults. Recruiting lapsed Pop-Tarts users would present several challenges. Not only did this audience have a different mindset than the younger Pop-Tart's audience, but their snacking interests1 introduced a new competitive set to the brand. Powerhouse snack brands had big media budgets and direct-to-store delivery models that gave them an advantage in store and in shopper's minds.