Pampers: Better for Baby, a Lullaby

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Two Diaper Titans Engaged in an Endless Tug-of-War

Pampers and Huggies dominate the diaper category, with Huggies at a 36% volume share and Pampers at a 32%, for a total of 68% of the market.1 For many years, it has been a tug-of-war for product superiority via endless side-by-side demos to prove that one diaper was more absorbent than the other. And while this can help gain a fraction of share point here and there, it does not build the business long-term because parents already expect that a diaper should be absorbent – that is the basic role of any diaper.

Parents, especially Millennial parents, expect more from a brand that comes into daily direct contact with their babies – even more so when the brand is priced at a premium.2 To build long-term growth and steal share from Huggies we needed to change our tactics – from winning parents' heads to winning parents' hearts.

Strategic Communications Challenge