Nissan: Quest Minivan Launch Campaign

Brand Name: Nissan
Product Type or Description: Automobile / Minivan
Category for this Entry: Automobiles & Vehicles
Campaign Title: Quest Minivan Launch Campaign
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Client: Nissan North America


Let's face it. Minivans are boring. They're predictable boxes on wheels that lack personality and style. They are seen as the vehicle of choice for dowdy “soccer moms”. And yet despite this dull image, they are a necessary evil that families turn to – resulting in a highly successful and competitive segment with sales of over a million units a year.

Nissan has struggled in the minivan segment for years. Their minivan, the Quest, was an also-ran entry primarily sold to Nissan loyalists as a stopgap to keep them in the brand. And while Nissan had dramatically turned itself around with very successful design-focused products in other segments, Quest was a laggard that shared its look with the conservative and behind-the-times Mercury Villager. So when Nissan designed the new 2004 Quest, they chose to make a major departure from the minivan norm: a vehicle that would embody the idea of the brand's new philosophy, SHIFT_. The product designers dubbed it an “Urban Loft.” Both the inside and the outside were purposefully different from everything else in category. That said, we would have to turn “different” into something “desired” – and the marketplace offered some pretty significant challenges: