Monsanto Lawn & Garden: Talking Weeds

Brand Name: Monsanto Lawn & Garden
Product Type or Description: Roundup Weed-killer
Category for this Entry: Household Supplies & Services
Campaign Title: Talking Weeds
Agency: BBDO West
Client: Monsanto Lawn& Garden

Marketing Challenge

Share, Recall, Linkage

If weeds grow anywhere around your house and yard, you probably already know the basics of the weed-killer situation. First, if you use chemicals, you are in the minority. Currently, after several years of increasing environmental concerns, only 30 percent of U.S. households use chemicals to control weeds. Second, you are likely to buy your weed-killers only during a very short selling season mostly April through June. Third, you probably buy such products for the entire year at one store visit, usually when the weather starts warming up.