Effie Awards Category Context

Libraries across the country compete with the super computers we carry in our pockets and bags because how we obtain knowledge has changed. We've moved from books to bytes. But, libraries do so much more for communities than just check out books.

For libraries in the Milwaukee Public Library system, the problem is that they serve communities who are unaware of the depth of offerings at their local branch. We changed that.

To launch the brand-new Mitchell Street Branch, we created an amazing community-relevant event that completely changed the perception of the library, increasing programming 20% and space usage 400%1.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

In 2014, the city of Milwaukee put plans in motion to revive and restructure its public library system in the subsequent 5 to 6 years, its biggest branch rebuilding program since the 1970s. The city's plan was to reimagine the modern-day library as a technology-rich, flexible community space.