Kraft Canada: MiO Sport

Category: Beverages - Non-Alcohol
Brand/client: MiO / Kraft Canada Inc.
Lead agency: TAXI Canada Ltd.
Contributing agencies: Starcom MediaVest Group

State of the marketplace & brand's business

In 2012, MiO was the first concentrated liquid water enhancer of its kind to enter the Canadian market. Before MiO, there was only powdered drink mixes in the market, like Crystal Light, Tang, and Kool-Aid. At the time of introduction, MiO represented a number of firsts for the beverage world and revitalized the mature, yet declining category of beverage mixes. The move from powder to liquid was a significant leap in a market where innovation is typically incremental.

After the very successful launch of MiO in 2012, its new sub-brand MiO Sport was launched in 2013. This time, the launch would be in a quickly changing market, as the liquid beverage mix category was still very much in its infancy and key competitors were quickly moving in.

Strategic communications challenge