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The holiday season abounds with recipes and inspiration for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. But shoppers feel pressure to create joyful and memorable experiences all season long, not just during the key dates. They still have 182 meals outside the big celebrations, including breakfasts, lunches, casual dinners and snacks.

Tyson sought to fill this unmet need with meals that are Made With Love low-stress, easy hacks let mom focus on what matters most during the holiday season: time with family.

By New Year's Eve, we grew base sales, total sales, dollars per buyer and in-basket dollars per trip.

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The holiday season is particularly challenging for Tyson products. Turkeys and hams are the centerpiece dishes for holiday table spreads and retailer displays. Fresh-baked pies are sacred family holiday traditions. And bacon's only role is wrapping mini cocktail links at the occasional New Year's Eve party.