Jim Beam: Devils Cut Global Ad Campaign

Category: Global
Brand/Client: Jim Beam
Lead Agencies: StrawberryFrog, The Works
Contributing Agency: Jung von Matt

Criteria used to determine top four markets

This paper concerns the launch of a new bourbon whiskey from Jim Beam called Devil's Cut.

The latest data from the Distilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS, 2011) shows that the top five markets for bourbon/American whiskey are the US, Australia, Germany, Japan and New Zealand, in that order. However, our campaign didn't run in Japan, so we've simply focused on the top four potential markets. As you might expect, these are also the ones where we spent more than 90% of our media money (see Beam spend data in Section 7c).

Apart from their commercial importance, these countries share very little when it comes to drinking habits. The US is obviously something of an anomaly as it's the home of bourbon, and the Beam family has sold their wares there since 1795. There, the key challenge for Jim Beam as a whole is to re-energize the brand and reach new customers, without alienating existing ones or cannibalizing sales from the parent. In the other markets, the brand is obviously much less established and the challenge is to assert Beam as an exciting, innovative, premium brand and owner of The Bourbon.

State of the brand's business