Effie Awards Category Context

Attracting a new audience into the hardware aisle, by introducing a new product into the vast world of the big box home centers is challenging. Drawing them into the aisle is one challenge, but getting noticed among the hundreds of products is equally as difficult.

This campaign demonstrates that a new brand can target an audience (women 25-54) that doesn't spend as much time in the hardware aisle and convince them that they can avoid tools and hang their décor on their own.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

If you've ever purchased screws or nails in home improvement stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot, you've likely bought a product from The Hillman Group without actually knowing it. Hillman's products are typically commodity nails and screws that consumers don't consider a branded purchase. Within this category is "picture hanging," which is a very mature subset of the hardware category with a variety of traditional nail and anchor hanging products. Innovation in picture hanging has been pretty limited over the years, with 3M's Command brand being the most recent entry into the category, a tool-free, chemical brand introduced two decades ago.