Guinness: An effectiveness story made of more

Executive Summary

In 2012, Guinness was a global brand in terms of its footprint, but very little else. We faced a number of complex challenges. We have many different audiences in different markets. We have vastly different product formats across the world. We were supporting five different positionings across the globe. And each market presented a unique set of challenges.

We needed to increase the effectiveness of our communications around the world. We believed that creating one global platform would allow us to raise the overall quality of what we do. But the solution would need to be flexible enough for each market to address their specific objectives. And we wanted that platform to deliver the same cultural fame and creative brilliance that Guinness has become known for.

The solution was to create 'Made of More'- an idea that champions those who have the confidence to carve their own path. For the first time, Guinness had an idea that could work across geographies and works equally powerful as an activation, as it does an ad. Whether that was moving stories of friendship in North America, a rallying cry for a new creative generation in Nigeria, or a celebration of Congolese swag in Western Europe.