Campaign details

Brand: Glade
Advertiser: SC Johnson
Lead agency: TracyLocke

State of the marketplace and brand's business

State of the marketplace

The air care category became defined solely as odor-elimination, which led to stagnant sales as brands competed over a small share of the pie.

The strategic challenge

With major air care brands like Febreze pushing functional benefits at Walmart® , the aisle had become a mundane and uninspired destination. As a result, Walmart® was losing shoppers and their dollars to retailers who created a more enjoyable and inspirational air care experience.

SC Johnson's Glade® brand has historically driven growth at retail with the launch of new products and fragrances. With the exciting launch of Glade® Plugins® Car, a first-of-its-kind fragrance innovation, we saw a huge opportunity to help Walmart® reinvigorate the shopping experience.

Shopper segment