Campaign details

Brand: Brawny®
Advertiser: Georgia-Pacific
Agency: Cutwater

Effie Awards Category Context

Brawny® was in a tight spot, squeezed by rising private label paper towel brands on one side and a juggernaut brand leader, Bounty, outspending it 48:1 on the other. So Brawny® leaned into its brand, following the challenger brand adage to use advertising and publicity as a high leverage asset. Breaking the paper towel category conventions, Brawny® refreshed its equities into a culturally relevant brand idea that sparked a national conversation. With Strength Has No Gender™, Brawny® proved that strong brands take a stand.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

A challenger brand against a Goliath in a functionally driven, low engagement category

The paper towel category growth is 1.3%, mainly due to larger bulk sizes at club stores1. It's a low involvement category, shoppers spend seconds in the aisle choosing a brand2. It's dominated by Private Label and Bounty, a Goliath billion dollar brand3 that dominates share of shelf and mind. Bounty, one of the biggest advertisers in household cleaning, spent $72m on advertising4 in 2016 to ensure it's the default choice. While the Brawny® brand could never outspend Bounty, it leveraged the brand's strength and creativity to stand out.