Effie Awards Category Context

Tyson products are grilling mainstays, peaking during the key summer holidays: MemorialDay, 4th of July and Labor Day. As grilling captains, we needed to do something different to grow our categories we had to think beyond backyard cookouts and summer holidays. We conducted primary research, analyzing 9300 user-generated social videos to learn: Summer is not a season, it's a lifestyle. And that lifestyle varied greatly by retailer.

Leveraging retailer-specific shopper insights, we identified top-indexing summer activity trends, and integrated Tyson into ownable, retailer-specific usage occasions. We grew baskets and drove trips, lifting our categories and driving total store sales.

State of the Marketplace & Brand's Business

Summer after summer, Tyson portfolio sales across retailers peak during three big holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.1 These hallmarks of summer are marked with backyard cookouts, when smells of the grill fill the air.2 As Tyson products are mainstays on grills across America, it's not surprising that we experience spikes around these three days.1 But outside the key holidays, we lost share of mind.