Mediaunio Foundation: Get closer

Carbon Group Communication; Probako Communications; Carnation


Company Name: Carbon Group Communication and Probako
Country: Hungary
Client name: Mediaunio Foundation
Entry category: Volunteering and People-to-people Activities
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 9/12/2010 to 31/1/2011


Each year, a national association called Médiaunió organizes a campaign which is aimed at positively influencing public opinion on a selected social matter. In 2010, it was decided to focus on the social integration of people living with disabilities. We planned on achieving this through simulation and interactive exercises, so that the average person who is indirectly influenced by the situation would be able to better understand and relate to their fellow handicapped citizens. The first step was to build a website, where 4 disabled people openly described their lives. We wanted to attract attention to the problem by asking publicly recognised figures to join us in our movement. In the second step, we introduced the disabled participants to the public, and they described their perception of the world. Towards the end of the campaign, the audience were confronted with their original prejudices by having these nationally renowned disabled personalities compile their judgments into the form of various questions.