Campaign details

Agency: Anything is Possible

To build WiseDriving brand awareness - in an industry dominated by huge price comparison sites - was going to be a David vs Goliath battle.

That meant creating advertising as smart, relevant and authentic WiseDriving's customers.


WiseDriving provides telematics car insurance – to a core audience of young and new drivers, all looking to save money on policies by tracking driving performance.

And they sought to connect with them in the environment that mattered to them: on a six-inch screen.

Using data to understand which parts of the country and which specific test centres had the highest pass rates, WiseDriving investigated pass rate performance in order to focus activity areas and times amenable to finding more of their ideal demographic.

Using mobile as a core platform, a media strategy was born that targeted cities and 24 DVSA driving test centres with search, social and mobile digital audio advertising to cut through to the audience and generate valuable attention that would drive real business results.