Campaign details

Brand: Virgin Media
Lead agency: RAPP UK

Campaign Overview

The vision: make BAFTA TV Awards one of the most talked-about topics in Britain.


TV fans want a piece of the action. And they like to be in charge. The power of fandom can determine casting, change a story arc and even help get a cancelled show back on TV. Virgin Media branded the craze 'Active Fandom'.

To harness viewers' desire to get involved, and maximise Virgin Media's sponsorship, Rapp delivered content that would make staying in to watch the BAFTA TV Awards as immersive as being there.

That meant building a suite of intimate and interactive live and virtual experiences that put fans in the driving seat, making the most of direct and digital channels.

Rapp targeted customers and prospects with a campaign that made staying in on the night of the BAFTA TV Awards feel as intimate and interactive as being there.