Unibet: A betting agency that tells you how to win

Agency: Karmarama

The objective was to increase brand awareness of Unibet across seven global markets. To do so in a competitive market against the backdrop of Euro2016 when Unibet's competitors would go big on offers to the young male adult market. Turn awareness into account openings and more bets made.


To triumph at Euro2016 Unibet had to do something different.

And to counter big competitor spending and TV-dominating tactics, they decided to help people win.

Unibet told customers to consider certain factors. It was the wettest June in France for a century - would this make Iceland likely to cause an upset? Unibet fed their audience insights: ignore possession-hungry teams; plump for the team with the most shots in the tournament (Portugal); or that playing at home wouldn't be too much pressure for France.