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Brand: TV Licensing
Lead agency: Proximity London

Campaign Overview

When it comes to buying a TV licence, under-35s are a tough audience.

In between Netflix binges, many of the 84% who still watch live TV every week either don't believe they need a licence - or don't see why they should pay for one.


Persuading a younger audience to get a TV Licence is no easy job. 'TV' to under-35s means box-set bingeing and finding free online content.

Netflix is like a family member, and they're just as likely to be watching on a laptop or mobile as a TV set.

Yet insight showed this group still watches traditional TV.

In a typical week, terrestrial TV still reaches 84% of 25 to 34s, and even 75% of 16 to 24s watch live TV or catch up on BBC iPlayer.

Of course, they require a TV Licence, but many under-35s ignore this fact.