Campaign details

Agency: TMW Unlimited

Lynx had a problem - they'd lost their cool. So, following a recent partnership with Anthony Joshua (AJ) and a first limited-edition product for six years, the challenge was to drive awareness amongst the target market of 13-25 year-old men.


Market saturation and difficulty in even reaching the male 13 to 25-year-old audience made this a challenging brief.

With differences between older and younger customers' buying habits the strategic approach needed to guarantee cut-through with both segments.

Young men are attached to their phones, scrolling through their social feeds, watching sports, and gaming.

So the campaign gave AJ's fans what they wanted, a fight they could participate in themselves.

The target audience received a gamified, smartphone treasure hunt for the ultimate prize: tickets to his upcoming fight.

Targeted drops to places the audience were hanging out - gyms, fitness centres - to maximise engagement.