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Brand: The Economist

Campaign Overview

The Economist needed a new generation of younger readers - but today's younger generation is jaded by news.

Believing the world has become "toxic to truth" and closed minds have the loudest voices, the title needed to prove serious journalism shouldn't be confused with journalism as entertainment.


Research identified the "globally curious" people interested in politics, business, current trends and future technology.

But it also showed they were jaded by superficial, specious news sources, and unsettled by closed minds with loud voices.

Worryingly, many saw The Economist as a "right-wing trade mag".

So the publication set out to provide worthwhile content, aiming to build direct relationships with potential readers.

An open letter from the editor-in-chief to readers proclaimed: "For 175 years The Economist has not only reported news, it has also championed values: a belief in human progress, distrust of powerful interests and respect for individual freedom. These are under attack."