Campaign details

Brand: TalkTalk
Lead agency: The&Partnership

Campaign Overview

TalkTalk had households on the wrong product, with limited capacity that no longer matched their needs - and there was no way to identify them.

Customers were unhappy with their speeds, meaning low satisfaction and a high churn rate. TalkTalk needed to convince them that fibre was the right product for them.


TalkTalk built a revolutionary data feed called the Service Index to identify customer broadband issues.

Like a "broadband MOT", it uses data from across the business to profile customers' broadband performance and identify service issues.

The data feed was harnessed to contact customers with capacity issues due to multiple device use, creating a poor experience.

Customers were shown why they should upgrade to fibre.TalkTalk undertook focus group research to learn that:

  • Understanding data usage would allow customers to make informed decisions
  • Customers found key terms confusing
  • A chart showing daily usage across the month was key, pinpointing capacity slowdowns