Campaign details

Agency: Cherry London and Love Creative

In a world where curve fashion is being embraced by mainstream fashion retailers, Simply Be wanted to give customers something back.


Simply Be, Cherry London and Love Creative designed a loyalty programme for a new generation. All customers were rewarded, not just the big spenders, creating genuine brand engagement. Programme members and influencers helped to drive the scheme, and rewards went beyond fashion as SimplyBe aimed to help customers "look and feel 10 out of 10".

The initiative had data and insight at its heart thanks to ongoing segmentation and modelling. This included exploratory qualitative research to build the proposition, a pilot phase to optimise acquisition and engagement, quant research to pick the best partners, in-depth interviews with influencers, and the creation of a Perks Panel - engaged members interacting with each other.

According to the insight, the core Millennial audience finds points programmes old-school. Instead, the programme combines classic techniques like discounts, health & beauty partner brand rewards, and little extras such as free prosecco.