Campaign background

Disruptive and different.

Iconic and interstellar.

A small budget with a big impact.

Royal Mail drove a reappraisal of their brand – capturing data and sales in the process - by creating a collector's edition set of 10 David Bowie stamps.


To help foster new imaginings of Royal Mail – plus to grabbing sales and precious opted-in data - a campaign was built around the launch of commemorative stamps celebrating the life of David Bowie.

But to succeed, the Royal Mail had to reach beyond stamp collectors and wow those Bowie fanatics and music lovers.

Worldwide interest was sparked by revealing the iconic designs of the stamps through a press release. And Royal Mail's in-house PR team created a truly unique launch: the world's first interstellar stamp launch.

The launch captured the headlines and was picked up by publications across the globe. Social media amplified the message and helped build Bowies fans into an experience they could feel.