Royal Mail: A letter about mail fraudsters printed on the envelope for anyone to see

Agency: LIDA

2.7 million people move home every year, with more people renting, but over half do not redirect their mail. So how to get movers to see that Royal Mail's postal Redirection service should be top of the moving home checklist?


Redirection is a Royal Mail service that forwards mail to a new address when you move.

Sales were in decline as the home mover market slowed. A new audience was needed.

'Generation rent' is the growing transient rental mover market (set to grow 33% over the next 10 years), a quarter of which move on from a property after a year.

With post an easy target for identity thieves it's easy to see why one in four people have fallen victim to ID fraud.

The message shifted from missing out on important mail to identity fraud protection. Royal Mail showed how harmless mail such as an optician's appointment could leave people at risk.