Campaign background

Everyone who falls unexpectedly into cold water wants to do the same; to swim hard and fight. But it's a fight they won't win.

RNLI needed to teach the public to go against their instincts in order to save lives.


Krow studied, with experts from the RNLI and the University of Portsmouth, how people got into difficulty in cold water, and what they needed to do to survive.

The key issue? People were drowning because they were fighting the cold water; it strained their heart, cooled their skin, and increased their chances of inhaling water.

The RNLI aimed to deliver a simple piece of advice; one that could be easily recalled and executed in the panic of a real life and death situation.

The messaging and media would target 16-39 year old men; the country's most at risk group. The media strategy also evolved from generating reach to focusing on creating impact.


Because all of us share the same instinct, and it's a killer, Krow dramatised the surprisingly large number of people who die at the coast each year by following their instinct to swim hard, and how they could ultimately save their lives via a simple skill: Float to live.