Campaign details

Build excitement around ancient China to drive visitors to a unique exhibition about China's terracotta warriors.


Museums can be seen as stuffy, outdated places. National Museums Liverpool challenged this perception by bringing the world of ancient China to life through compelling storytelling, original video content and surprising stunts.

With target ticket sales of 450,000 the aim was to diversify the museum's visitor profile and attract national audiences, including people who wouldn't normally visit. The epic story of China's First Emperor who lived 2,000 years ago underpinned the strategy.

Three campaign phases – with digital, social and video at their heart – drew on cues from music, film and theatre to cost-effectively generate anticipation among new audiences, driving ticket sales for the "once in a lifetime" event.


From the cinematic video immersing viewers in ancient China that announced ticket details to 3D street art that's stopped thousands in their tracks, each element of the campaign emotionally engaged audiences.