Campaign details

Agency: Numberly

The objective was to provide suspects, prospects and customers with a consistent omnichannel experience from acquisition to loyalty. And data would bring everything together.


All stages of the conversion journey were considered, and user-centricity was at the heart of the concept.

Content was customised to user's interests, with features customised according to the user's status.

And the strategy was greatly data oriented, powered by a branding media campaign deployed to reach suspects and reactivate inactives.

Three media assets were activated, including, digital skins and banners to lead on-site traffic.

The journey took users to the website where their CRM consent is verified, and non-opt-ins are encouraged to subscribe.

When a prospect left the website without any purchase completion, retargeting strategies were implemented.

Clients were also reached by performance media campaigns to meet loyalty and repurchase objectives, and recent buyers, should it be online or offline, were excluded from activations to optimise the commercial pressure.