Campaign details

Agency: Engine, Partners Andrews Aldridge

Comparison websites make winter a crucial time for energy providers.

Thousands are looking to switch so the campaign needed to make E.ON stand out to new customers, with a budget that was a fraction of their competitors'.


Given E.ON operates in a low interest, low engagement category, it was assumed customers don't care about their energy supplier.

But social listening soon showed they do.

Whether it was feeling proud to have found a more suitable tariff, or relieved at having locked down a great deal, customers cared - and they cared enough to share.

And renaming tariffs wasn't just a disruptive way to stand out from competitors, it moved new customers' thoughts away from price to something more personal.

Suddenly their tariff was all about them and the emotional value they could enjoy.

The campaign focused on a balance of emotional connections and the hard-hitting sell that was as empathetic as it was effective.