Campaign background

IKEA had previously created a cross-stitched email that blurred the lines between online and offline.

They now needed a follow-up, lower value campaign to convince a further 250,000 members to opt-in to their emails.


When considering how they could build a stronger relationship with IKEA's loyalty members, LIDA spotted a valuable opportunity. They discovered the highest spending segments of members were more valuable to IKEA, by at least £35 a year, if they are opted in to receive both mail and email.

When they looked closer, they found that 1.3 million were currently only contactable by post. So, all they needed to do was convince these members to sign up for email.

The idea needed to demonstrate that regular emails from IKEA FAMILY are like no other, and are worth signing up for. LIDA did this firstly by creating the world's first cross-stitched email, made entirely from fabric - a unique rich-format mailing to 40k direct mail members only members from IKEA's most valuable segments.