Campaign details

Agency: Ogilvy

Greenpeace has always campaigned against ocean pollution and it's more important than ever - by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We partnered with Greenpeace to raise awareness outside of their core audience and to drive people to sign their petition against supermarket plastic waste.


By embedding behavioural science at the heart of the strategy, the campaign raised awareness and prompted action.

The strategy was grounded in three behavioural science principles:

Concreteness Effect

People process concrete concepts faster than abstract ones, and the concept of ocean plastic, which conjured up images of faraway seas, was as abstract as they come.

Optimal Distinctiveness

Ideas are best understood and embraced when they have a blend of the familiar and the distinctive.

So the campaign took something of the audience's world and subverted it, showing how the issue was not a distant one, but one that affected them.

Identifiable Victim Effect