Campaign details

Agency name: Emerald Thinking

Research revealed a minority of consumers understood the GDPR, so Suzuki needed to find a compelling way to persuade motorists to opt in to its communications.


The stats didn't lie: a minority of consumers were aware of the GDPR and only 18% said they engaged with branded emails. Suzuki strove to reset its relationship with customers and prospects by putting the fun and relevance back into campaigns with the Strategy Goodbye Boring, Hello Exciting. Less of a re-permissioning drive, more of a promise of better comms.

With its playful brand, Suzuki was perfectly placed to turn mundane GDPR marketing on its head. There were four elements: a promise to only send interesting and useful comms to customers; bold creative, including a jokey email described as "the most boring Suzuki will ever send you"; multichannel comms taking consumers on a drive "from boring to exciting", including Facebook retargeting of lapsed customers; and a "thank you" email outlining the exciting comms to come as a reward for opting in.