Campaign details

Agency: Propellernet

Position Evans Cycles as the leading authority in the UK electric bikes market to increase sales.


Insight revealed many cyclists stop pedaling at a certain age, while commuters avoid strenuous cycling. An e-bike provides a remedy to both issues, but consumers needed to be enthused.

Identifying the right audience was crucial. Using data from consumer-focused strategy tool AudienceView, and qualitative online insight, e-bike audiences were identified as male, 35+ and split between those wanting to ride as they got older, and commuters needing an easier solution that also offered health benefits.


Evans Cycles used nostalgia to bring to life an electric future by remaking Britain's favourite ad, Sir Ridley Scott's 1973 Hovis advert. The original Hovis boy (now 58) finally conquered Shaftesbury's steep Gold Hill with the pedal assistance of an electric bike, which propelled virtually unknown e-bikes into national newspapers.