British Airways Executive Club : Mosaic

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The team

Charlie Wilson, Emma de la Fosse, Tooky De Vall, Peter Mabbott, Tom Mann, Andrew Boggs, John Thompson.

How did the campaign make a difference?

After five years redesigning its First Class product, this British Airways campaign drew the eye to small but important aspects and helped retain one of its most valuable customer segments. 500 books were delivered and in four months 1,294 bookings were made – that's two to three bookings per each customer.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

There's huge competition for premium airline passengers, with airlines vying to deliver the greatest, most opulent cabins and experiences. Central to the design philosophy behind British Airways's new First Class was a return to understated British elegance, not extravagance. British Airways spent five years developing a carefully considered product with a team of experts dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and, above all, attention to detail. New cabin launches are difficult to communicate. It takes several years to update a large fleet, and during the initial stages it's unlikely that every passenger will experience a new cabin. With this in mind, the communication reveals little product details in the same way a cabin would give up its secrets when you fly. This created a more rewarding experience for a target audience who are intelligent, fly frequently and like to feel they're in the know.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?