Campaign details

Agency: Engine, Partners Andrews Aldridge

Millions of UK consumers switch bank accounts to get a better deal, but young people aren't as easily swayed so needed to be encouraged.


Because 18 to 24-year-olds are frequently short of money, they are always on the lookout for deals. But despite many still using the account their parents set up for them, most weren't interested in a change. The campaign had to highlight the ease of switching using CASS.

To close the disconnect between young people and banks, CASS wanted to highlight the benefits on offer with alternative accounts. Potential rewards like meals out and free cinema tickets could open younger customers' eyes to the possibility of switching to an account that better suited their needs.


Building on the success of the previous mass audience approach from CASS, the Switch Guarantee Guy hit digital platforms. The campaign, "Switch Your Situation", swapped mundane scenarios to ones the audience would find rewarding.