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Agency: Proximity London

How do you break the rules to win over a highly sceptical audience of whisky drinkers? That was the challenge faced by William Lawson's (WL), a Bacardi group owned whisky brand whose overriding brand attitude is "no rules, great scotch".


WL takes a stand against modern social conventions and the pretentiousness of the wider whisky category.

To convey this brand attitude it was necessary to establish the "bar call" of a WL and coke, with a target audience of young whisky drinkers, with little or no awareness of WL.

Whilst conventional rules of media dictate that brands must pay for reach, research showed social media algorithms were displaying content based on "meaningful social interactions".

So the strategy focused on well-crafted, quality content for the audience, relying on users tagging, sharing and commenting to drive "meaningful engagement" instead of buying attention.