Agency: Marketdata


Our objective was to double the sales conversion from direct communications from the existing 0.5% conversion, without increasing investment in communications.

Also we needed to increase the relevance of the communications to add value to customers, rather than bombarding them with increasing number of emails, often unopened.

To gain business through intelligence.


We had created a centralized database of all Volvo clients with 33 different sources of information, constantly updated to have an accurate and unique customer view.

We then had to develop a ‘prediction model’ to anticipate customer needs.

Based on the information from the database the prediction model evaluates the history of each truck, estimates the current mileage and shows which parts need to be replaced at that exact time.

To arrive at this calculation a number of variables are taken into consideration including the truck model, motor, gearbox, parts already replaced and area of business that the truck is used for, among many others.