Agency: Digitas India


As per the National Sample Survey, 470 million Indians are of working age, but only 10% of them have the right skills for employment. The Rin Career Ready Academy was designed to be a simple, convenient, content rich, interactive online platform that offered the youth quality skill training in the 3 key areas that mattered when it came to succeeding in job interviews and progressing in their careers - English speaking skills, Office Dressing, and Interview Training.


The Rin Career Academy was initially launched as an Automated Voice Response system (IVR) that needed users to dial in and access various content pieces. However, this had its limitations and proved to be a cumbersome, one-way interaction that wasn't engaging. It was also expensive for the brand to sustain in the long run. What was needed was a scalable, economical, content rich academy that was accessible across the country.