Agency: Klausen + Partners A/S


To create a platform for communicating with small business owners. Based on the needs of each company, not on our need to sell our products.

KPI: Content views of 50,000 small businesses (20% of the total number of small businesses in Denmark)


Telco is low interest. It's very hard to start conversations on call plans and internet speed.

Telia Enterprise has lots of solutions and communication technology which can help small companies digitize.

We wanted to get our message through in an interesting way which would resonate with daily life in the businesses. The communication strategy was to use branded content which focuses on real challenges in real businesses, and to deliver the message in an entertaining, engaging way without talking directly about Telias products.

Creative solution

We created a two-person taskforce made up of digitalization expert Christiane Vejlø, And, well, a former Eurovision song contest host Esben Bjerre. We challenged them to find new ways for small businesses to get digital, to explore the issues, to look at how and where digital tools could make a difference and to come up with some tangible solutions - solutions so valuable they would beg to be shared.