Agency: MediaCom & GroupM


Everyone in the Nordics wear shoes (it's kind of cold most of the time up here), but it's only for a limited period of time during a year that people actually consider buying new shoes.

Since Shoe-d-vision doesn't have the budgets to target everyone all the time, the overall objective was to prioritize marketing budgets towards targeting only people that are likely to notice and respond to the communication because they are considering buying new shoes. Therefore, a ‘digital first and most’ mindset was adopted, and marketing budgets was allocated away from traditional mass communication and moved into programmatic buying.

Since the targeting possibilities within programmatic buying are countless, the main objectives were to:

  1. Buy the right impressions (based on real time profile data)
  2. Pay the right price (based on estimated customer value)
  3. Serve the right communication (based on real time behavioral data)