Agency: Cossette

Product Description

Quebec consumers' expectations have increased dramatically. To meet those expectations, SAQ launched in 2015 a client recognition program – SAQ Inspire. One year later, SAQ Inspire strives to offer a more engaging experience tailored to individual tastes and habits by leveraging customer analytics and business intelligence. Marketing objectives:

  • Promote the growth of the SAQ program and maximize the number and value of transactions
  • Increase participation rate into promotions and targeted offers (offers on products, invitations and contests)

Objective of the Campaign

In 2016, to further advance the idea of personalized experience, we developed a multichannel approach to show SAQ Inspire cardholders how they benefit from the knowledge gained through their program. To demonstrate SAQ Inspire's evolution and latest benefits, we wanted to familiarize members with their new Inspire Zone (personalized space) and encourage them to view content and personalized offers. We guided members on how to interact with their program through weekly newsletters, website, mobile application, and in-store environments so as to benefit from the program personalized features. We have developed two main messages for television and pre-viewing on the web completed by a printed section in flyer and magazines. Interactive web banners invited participants to answer questionnaires to learn more about their tastes. Publications in social media and the dedicated newsletters were also produced. Finally, a video that aims to explain the novelties offered was on the SAQ's site.

Target Audience