Agency: SAP

Product Description

Unconscious bias holds organizations back from harnessing all available resources for greater innovation and growth. In May 2016, SAP began a global initiative called Business Beyond Bias, with the objective to enable both our company and our customers to cultivate inclusive cultures fueled by diverse workforces. Using SAP SuccessFactors technology, organizations can begin to identify and eliminate bias, starting with the hiring process, ensuring that all colleagues have equal opportunity to make an impact.

Objective of the Campaign

Business Beyond Bias builds upon the core strengths of SAP to create equitable practices by diminishing the power of unconscious bias from key business decisions. The strategy focused on three key messages:

  1. SAP knows that diversity and inclusion are no longer optional; they are business and economic imperatives. Driving bias out of organizations enables leaders to harness all available resources; increase customer satisfaction and employee engagement; and be more innovative, productive, and profitable.
  2. SAP has the vision, technology, and global reach, to tackle inequity practices and be a force for change. We are using our unparalleled business process expertise and industry-leading machine learning technology to detect and prevent unconscious bias throughout our HCM cloud offering, incorporating all key decisions related to the workforce.
  3. SAP is committed to building a more inclusive culture - and to expanding Business Beyond Bias to involve customers, partners, thought leaders and influencers.

Target Audience