Agency: LIDA


Programmatic Mail is new to the UK. Most marketers won't have used it and some might not even have heard of it. Those that have think it's difficult and costly to implement. Plus there's that tricky reputation issue of Mail being slow, costly and outdated to overcome.

We needed to show them that Mail is relevant in the digital age. That it can be fast. And that the impact you create and the return you enjoy is worth the investment. On top of that we needed to sell a new channel, show how simply it could plug into advertisers’ campaigns and convince that it was the missing piece of their communications strategies or purchase journeys. All in all, quite the challenge.

We smashed through our target of 50 high value leads in the first 12 months. with 183 in the first 6. That's a pretty magical increase of 266%.


Programmatic Mail rewrites the rules on a well-known advertising method and everyone is always nervous to be the first, especially when you're asking marketers for upfront investment. Plus many are digital first thinkers who wouldn't consider Mail as part of their marketing mix. We needed to convince them that mail is relevant. Reassure them it's an investment worth making. And that it's easier than they realise.