Agency: RAPP

Product Description

The New MINI Cabrio is the new generation of the first and, so far, only small, premium convertible car.


Besides delivering the messages and keeping track of the conversion funnel and the moment of the consumer, we set off from a powerful consumer insight, which is: the consumer already desires to own a Cabrio, he only needs an excuse to buy one.

We understand that there was already a base of people who loved the Cabrio, but they lacked rational arguments for indulging themselves and purchasing the car.

Enacted Solution

We understood the behaviour of people who love the Cabrio, and then we launched a Handraiser strategy: a pre-registration in which the consumer opted to receive further information. By filling in a form, he entered an e-mail communication scale in which we explored every detail in the model, offering arguments and influencing the prospect to become a lead. From then on, he was already prepared for the purchase, with the idea planted in his head.

The creative solution explored the global concept of the "Stay Open" model to present different possibilities of adventures to experience with the car, always balancing rational arguments in the communication. By doing so, we showed everything the Cabrio could offer the consumer and presented all the "required excuses" for buying one.

Significance of Campaign