Midas: Midas Program



Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: Spain
Date program started/ended: 1 January – 12 December 2008

Product Description: Midas is a chain of neighborhood mechanical shops, with nearly 100 shops and franchises, which make maintenance operations and change spare parts without an appointment. Convinced it is more effective to capture new clients using precise marketing tools than conventional advertising, Midas requested a program to capture new clients in the influence area of their shops.

Advertiser/Client Name: Midas
Media Channels: DirectMail
Website: http://www.judgingishard.com/echo/midas


Marketplace Challenge:

Midas is the leader car repair shop franchise in Spain. During 2008, recession has hit hard this business with a significant decline on new car sales and car use. The market as a whole has experimented a decrease on use and consumption.