Agency: OPEN

Product Description

Mekudeshet, Jerusalem Season of Art's festival, is a two-week long event held in one of the most controversial and religiously sacred cities for Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike. The festival bridges the religions through the collaboration of 250 artists, speakers, and performers from 17 countries worldwide, and proves that the conflict can be resolved; even temporarily, through the expression of art and music.

Objective of the Campaign

Our goal was to increase the attendance from last year's event, by creating an awareness of the event through advertisements placed all around the country.

Enacted Solution

To capture the brand essence of Mekudeshet, we GPS tracked the unique daily lives of 15 religiously diverse residents and peace activists moving throughout various quarters of the holy city.

We created an innovative brand identity for the festival by blending the paths of these people through both generative and computational design elements, thus dissolving the controversial "borders" in Jerusalem.

Results as They Relate to the Objective(s) of the Campaign