Agency: Colenso BBDO


The primary objectives for the SelfieSTIX campaign were to raise awareness for and increase sales of DentaSTIX.

The secondary objectives were to raise Pedigree's profile across social platforms, to build a community for the brand and encourage customer interactions with the brand beyond in-store.


Pedigree DentaSTIX sat within the smaller ‘functional’ treating segment within a fast-growing care and treats category, but Pedigree wanted to relaunch DentaSTIX so it would cross over into ‘positive’ treating as well.

By creating a mobile-first brand experience that had a strong presence in social media, we were able to give DentaSTIX social currency as a treat. Our audience were all dog owners, with a slightly younger skew, targeting those who were already in the habit of sharing pictures of their dogs.

Traditional media asked people to click through to purchase DentaSTIX and get their free SelfieSTIX