Hi (KPN): Hi #passed

Objective of the campaign

Because this target group in particular is increasingly dismissive of advertising and commercial messages the brand has to constantly innovate its contact strategy in order to maintain a favorable brand position. With the rise of video in social media usage by this target group we wanted to affirm our leadership position in mobile messaging solutions.

Also we saw an increased impact of social media conversation on brand kpi's such as likeability, awareness and preference. The telecom industry in The Netherlands is notorious for having a low positive online sentiment. Partly due to poor customer service experiences and negativity regarding price plans and rates. With a 22% positive and 18% negative online sentiment score in 2013 for the Hi brand we aimed to improve this score with at least 10% more positive sentiment for 2014.

The brief was to surprise the target group (17-20yrs) in a unique way and with content that is worth sharing.