HCL Technologies Limited: #CoolestInterviewEver - World's First End to End Recruitment Campaign on Twitter

The launch of the campaign was done with 3 teaser videos which, though didn't provide complete info about the campaign, just provided subtle hints about what this could be:

  1. The Limit - talked about 140 word limit
  2. The Fight - explained the need to using "texting muscles"
  3. The Place - told that the interview can be taken from anywhere

Further, the 2 full length videos launched during Interest and Desire Phase explained the campaign clearly. The attached video stack has all the 5 videos compiled one after the other.

Banner Ads/Landing Pages

During the campaign, banner ads were put on multiple job portals through HCL Technologies' account. Also multiple websites were targeted through Google Display Network. The major reason behind using banner ads initially was to promote the concept without telling that it is HCL Technologies' campaign. The idea was to create curiosity.